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The Coalition is open to individuals and organizations, including but not limited to consumers, advocates, health and allied health professionals, state and local officials, educators, researchers, third-party payers and administrators, community members and members of all groups affected by, or working to improve oral health of New York State.                          

Choose from one of the following three categories of membership:

Active Members 
Any interested individual or organization is eligible to be an Active Member. Active Members participate in Coalition meetings and activities, receive mailings/notices, and vote. Active members are encouraged to provide financial support and/or other resources to the Coalition. To remain an active member, the individual or organization must participate in a workgroup or on a committee.


Associate Members 

Associate members receive mailings and notices and are encouraged to attend the general membership meetings. Associate members are not eligible to vote or hold an elected position. However, they are welcome to speak on an issue at general membership meetings, and are encouraged to provide financial support and/or other resource support to the Coalition. Associate members are welcome to change their status to active member by submitting a new request.


Any individual or organization that actively supports the Coalition through financial support and/or other resources, yet chooses not to be an active or associate member is eligible to be a Sponsor. Sponsors are encouraged to attend meetings, receive mailings and notices, and are given special recognition, but they cannot vote or hold an elected position unless otherwise qualified by virtue of their status as an Active Member.

Membership Application

Please read the Conflict of Interest and Legal Liability Policy from the NYSOHC Rules of Operation prior to applying
for NYSOHC membership.

Click on the link below to complete the membership application. There are currently no membership fees. 

Conflict of Interest and Legal Liability Policy from the NYSOHC Rules of Operation DRAFT.doc

Thank you for applying to NYSOHC. We look forward to working with you to improve oral health across New York State.

NYSOHC - Supporting the development of leading oral health strategies in New York State since 2009.

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