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2021 Conference: Poster Submissions

Pediatric Dental Residents

Identification and Management of Supernumerary Teeth: A Case Report

Krishna Patel, DMD

Establishment of a Dental Home for Pediatric Patients: A Retrospective Study

Nancy Yu, DDS

Marfan Syndrome: A Case Study

Michelle Bowers, DDS

Pediatric Emergency Department Follow-ups for Dental-related Problems

Sita Ping, DMD

Multidisciplinary Management of the Impacted Canine: A Case Report

Rutu Shah, DDS, Pediatric PGY2

Revascularization of Necrotic Immature Permanent Lateral Incisor #10:

A Case Report

Tasha Vo, DDS. PGY-2 Pediatric Dental Resident

Healthy Brain Initiative: An Innovative Train-the-Trainer (TTT) Model

to Advance the Oral Health of Minnesota's Aging Population

Prasida Khanal, BDS, MPH, DPH Resident at the Eastman Institute for Oral Health, URMC

Depression and Contributing Factors among Teenagers in Kentucky

Namrata Bhanat, BDS, MPH, MBA, MSISS, NYS DPH Resident

Dentists have a unique opportunity to vaccinate adolescents for HPV

who are not seen by their physician.

Megan Cloidt, DDS, MPH

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